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Pretty Body; Ugly Mind

I can’t say I know Miss California, Carrie Prejean, but I know alot of people like her.  By themselves they see themselves as perfectly harmless and mainstream, perhaps because they are.  But in concentrated numbers these individuals become an angry haystack of a mob just waiting for someone with an anti-religious attitude to drop a match on the lot of them.

I knew a few women like Prejean in high school and college.  Beauty can outshine alot of deficits when the cast of your admiring horde is a roomful of horny young males looking to rut.  But those days are behind me now, between where I am today and a fogbank of lost loves, lost time and lost money.  Today when the hormones kick in, a gate has been installed that cuts me off below the neck and sends an extra shot of oxygenated blood to my forebrain.  Young men may laugh, but they have a good two decades of money and time to waste chasing the perfect body and the acceptable mind.

What I have learned in a viscereal way informs me that beauty and modesty are so rarified a commodity as to be unworthy of pursuit.  A woman with pores in her skin and holes in her socks, while pedestrian, can be a far more worthwhile experience. 

Enter Carrie Prejean and her cadre of homophobic, self-righteous and sanctimonious admirers.  What fascinates me most about these people is that I was once among them.  I, too, read books about the Apocalypse and the prophecies of Revelation.  I, too, smirked and chided my mother’s homosexual friends, most of them hairdressers and most of them dead of AIDS long ago.  I, too, had a fusillade of ugly remarks onboard to render any human being, let alone a homosexual, virtually speechless.  That meant that I must have been right.

Today I am more an ally than an opponent of things homosexual.  I see homosexuals as human beings who, like me, exist on a continuum of sexuality between the absolutely masculine and the unremitting feminine.  Our central tendencies might differ along that continuum, but why would anyone’s proclivities in the bedroom even enter into polite conversation among casual friends?  Are we so sexually charged, so consumption-oriented, that we have to see a human being’s gender identity front and center before the person even opens their mouth?

Rhetorical questions aside, I think we need to supplement our high school educational curricula to include a couple of year long courses: 1) Marriage and family relationship studies and 2) Gender identity and gender sensitivity studies.  We need to discharge the secretative cloak we drape over sex and sexuality and begin studying it like we study spirochetes and paramecia.  Suck the romance right out of all the nonsense like no other biology teacher could or would, and maybe restore some sanity to the hole that corporate America drilled into our skulls as children and have been manipulating us with ever since.

And now that I’ve had this opportunity to speak my peace, I’ll give you the erotic photo you’ve surfed the world over to locate.