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A Top Secret Communique From The Obvious One

Hello my fellow Americans, Captain Obvious here – reporting live from behind the enemy lines erected on 9/11/2001 by a criminal junta funded, it seems, by multiple sovereign fiduciary entities for which it has become a capital crime to reveal the truth about in a court of law.  That would be a capital crime punishable by death sans judge or jury of one’s peers.

Hillary Clinton recently stated that Wikileaks has attacked the international community.  To those who prevaricate for a living, the truth seems the ultimate weapon of assault.

So how did this pathetic reversal of contemporary reality take place? 

In 1947, the Nazi spy contingent we, the United States of America, saved from the hangman’s noose at Nuremburg convinced our spies that the “national security state” was more than a German war tactic; it was a key strategy for building any empire.

You believe you know of truth.  I believe I know of truth, yet it is entirely plausible and often possible for our truths to be counter-opposed while some other “third” truth – the one on which the known universe depends – overlaps neither of our cherished beliefs. 

This is an obvious fact: the plural of “anecdote” is not “data.”  Here is another: two belief systems that oppose one another cannot both be true; one or both of our sacred cows represents anecdotal information.  This is how we come to understand that it has never been the capital “T” truth from which we humans have taken the actions of our lived lives; we have always operated from our beliefs about the truth. 

Here is a considered opinion based upon my analysis of my personal experiences in life: the longer I allow two (or more) counter-opposite (dissonant) belief systems to occupy my thinking, the more likely it is that I will become unable to discriminate truth from falsehood with respect to any of the contexts addressed by the set-union of all of my belief systems.  In the South we lovingly refer to this state of affairs as, “you cain’t fix the s*t in yer head with the s*t in yer head.” 

In other words, dissonance tolerated is a multiplier of delusion.  Not an altogether bad condition, unless your belief happens to be that the number of checks in your checkbook is any indication of the balance in your checking account.  Or that you can continue to pound square pegs into round holes using only bigger hammers to make your anecdotes conform to your precious data regarding holes.

Here’s another considered opinion about holes based upon my analysis of personal experience: when I find that I am in one, I should drop my shovel.  I have been told that this is the First Rule of Holes.

Now we have the established authority of the state condemning a non-governmental entity for some form of “terrorism” because it dared to reveal the concealed truth reserved for the eyes and ears of the national security state.  Forgive me if I am missing the obvious here, but what is more sovereign in human experience than the truth of the matter?  Does not our notional system of justice seek to determine, through the application of debate and academic rigor, the relevant components of truth to be applied in a given context?  On whose “side” should justice serve if not the side that would claim affinity with all of the principles that allow us to breathe air into our lungs, spin stably in an orbit about a life-giving star, or communicate thoughts from one person to another?

Has someone on dear Hillary’s X-mas list forgotten the First Rule of Holes?  Do we really wish to dig ourselves all the way to China?  Is it possible to fall out of the “Stupid Tree” and hit absolutely every single branch on the way down?

We already know what became of a people who permitted their notional system of justice to serve deceit, delusion and falsehood: they became oligarchies in the service of inculcated hatred and ignorance.  The oligarchs of corporatism – the fascists – became the undoing of the natural evolutionary selection process of ”increased fitness” under which all life forms appear to operate.  And they committed this error while committing unspeakable atrocities against an increasing number of political minorities that sought to oppose or temper the head-long rush of these oligarchs into an abyss of amorality and unethical behavior.  The civilized society we sought to defend our families, friends and way of life with had become just another jungle where morality and ethical principles would always take a backseat to the need to breathe, drink, eat, procreate and take our “comforts.”  One can claim efficiency as a key virtue of the oligarchy that was Nazi Germany, but suicide is likewise as efficient.  Suicide ends suffering, does it not?  What good is living a life that must always end with the realization that one has lost absolutely everything that they have ever come to value?  Surely suicide represents the most efficient course of action to take when faced with the reality of a human experience, no?  Be logical, will you!  Think linearly and clearly, like a lizard, for once in your demonstrably miserable, when not delusional, existence!

Fascism – capitalism by another name – has proven itself to be the murderer of civilization using this bird-brained truncheon of human oligarchy as its centerpiece.  This is the truth that Hillary Clinton and all of the media-soaked oligarchs wish to keep secret from you and me.  This is the truth that they fear we will all flock to because it is, in fact, the truth and as such knows only of itself and its creations. 

Become a whole person again by never allowing yourself to be taken as separate from that which fundamentally sustains your very existence.  Know the truth and you will know yourself because that must be what you are made of.

Until next time, Captain Obvious signing off.


America the Dutiful

Feasting On The Whitey House

My senior year in high school (no, I will not tell you) I won the Veterans Affairs Voice of Democracy speechwriting competition for the central section of California.  When I think back to the soaring prose and metaphors I used to describe how I felt about the land of my birth in those days, I can almost hear the mortars and gunfire on the beaches of Normandy, juxtaposed with the granite faces of El Capitan and Half Dome.  In those days, veterans ate that sort of naïveté up.  The horror of the treatment of Korean War and Viet Nam War veterans had yet to fully sink in to the brains and nervous systems of the veterans of “the Good War.”  Now that the handiwork of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld have hit home for the veterans of the Gulf War, I don’t think we need to be shrieking our disappointment at the veterans coming home from Afghanistan; we need to be preventing our children from volunteering for the slaughter in the first place.

You see it was not the alleged incidents of spitting on returning Viet Nam veterans by Californian peri-adults, nor the warnings by commanding officers to vets heading stateside to “remove your uniform,” that represented the real threats to veterans of the US military.  The military-industrial complexes’ desire to hide the evidence of its misdeeds coupled with its burning desire to avoid taking responsibility for the consequences of its actions represents the real and grave danger to America’s citizens in uniform. 

I bring this point to the floor not because it will motivate you to vote or not vote this Tuesday.  I mention the love affair America’s elites have had with fascism (corporate power coupled with governmental authority) because it is the real arch-enemy of every sentient being walking the planet at this very moment.  It is not just the willing defenders of “freedom and democracy” around the world who have been placed in mortal danger, but everything any of us have ever lived for, smiled for or bothered to live another day because of that we are placing at risk by refraining from engaging in a repeat performance of the voter turnout of 2008.

No, the Democrats are not any better at defending their constituents than are the Republicans; they are, however, slower in the uptake and more likely give America’s grass roots more time to secure a suitable response to what the global power structure has had in mind for our country since, at least, the mid 19th century; since, at least, the beginnings of the formation of the nation-state of Israel in the mid-19th century.  Since, at least, the return to hegemony of the global banking establishment at the conclusion of the American Civil War we have all been conditioned to believe had to do with a difference of opinion between North and South over the issue of “slavery.”  

No one who presently works in or around a large corporation in 2010 can seriously, consciously believe “America the Beautiful” gives a tinker’s damn about anyone’s freedom much less whether that freedom is morally dispensed.  More likely the divide between North and South had to do with the South’s willingness to accept Feudalism as a mode of operation while the Northern establishment remembered all-too-well what had happened when the British East-India Company had the Colonies in its talons.  It was a social fissure that the global banking establishment, also known as the House of Rothschild, wanted to exploit for the purpose of furthering its plans for global enslavement.

The ugly truth of so-called “capitalism” is that it does not work as an economic system.  G’head.  Go back to that Junior Chamber of Commerce project you did as a naïve child and rather than paying yourself zero dollars for your time and effort setting up your “little business,” pay yourself and your employees a “living wage” and see how successfully your little project turns out. 

Without significant subsidies on the part of government and/or labor, capitalism is simply a rehashing of the Feudalism from which it was spawned.  Capitalism IS Feudalism in disguise and Feudalism is all about “earning your keep.”  Those who become too old to remain gainfully employed or who begin a “search for truth” at an inconvenient time, are deemed to be unable to “earn their keep,” are left outside the castle’s walls and battlements, and become the perennial victims of evil knights, disease and the elements of nature we thought we had become civilized to ameliorate. 

“Earning your keep,” was the reason why America became, “like a dream,” to working people all around the world.  Here, in America, surrounded by the twin motes of the Atlantic and Pacific, a person who felt a need, as most of us do, to give something back to a world that is worthy of their efforts, could feel fulfilled and motivated to do so.  Most people who live and work under the auspices of the global banking establishment do so because they are forced to do so under a real and significant threat to their lives.  Not so in the America that Jefferson and the Founding Fathers had envisioned and begun to build.  Here, sir, the People govern.

Not anymore.  Get over it.  Accept it.  Move beyond the limitations of perception and ego and dare to live that original dream. 

Vote for Greens and Democrats on Tuesday.  America the Dutiful will work on how to deal with all the moral lepers once the awareness of a national nervous breakdown, punctuated by Jon Stewart’s closing remarks this past Saturday, begins to sink in to foment the catalyzing event that needs to transpire to undo the damage done by the feudal fascists on September 11, 2001.