The Light of Your Face

Tie me a knot inside the darkness, LoveDreamPrettyAshland
To make me feel the light of your face before me
To my loneliness I would sacrifice nothing
Because of your face I place in space removed.

Take me to the edge of Nothing, Dear
Sing to me the siren songs of bliss
In non-judgment stands my nakedness revealed
Palms outstretched to catch 
the lightning of your smile.

Perfection’s loss was but our gain
Tumbling asunder to thunder as we fall
Rising high from deep within the night
A dawn does break in shards the shadows on my wall.

Can I see you now, your mass retained
Floating effortless in lavender and in silk
A dream I fear draws ever near
As color from the morning sets your eyes ablaze.

For it is not my eyes that think, nor my mind that sees
That prophets trouble from a distant shore
But a mouth that moves and a tongue unleashed
Cutting heartbeats from their guilded cage, unmoved.

Remind me thrice, my Love, the reasons why
You cry out to me from Darkness’ edge
A cipher cloaked in simple dreams
Twice forgets the light and the face 
that moves him to the Dawn.




Orange, yellow, red, white, blue, and green

A spinning mess on an axis seen

From distant planets a paradise found

Turning slowly gray at the speed of sound


The war drums beat in amber waves

A present for the dreidel debt slaves

Layers heap and lawyers burst

Rules unheeded leave second and first

Without a home to call their own

Unrest is nature’s debt on loan


Even with layers second and first

No third is solved without a durst

But come apart to fall together

And the third swings ‘round and sticks forever


But go past one and never see

An end to the need

nor the will of the free

But watch ye closely and you will hear

The nimble fingers of Paul Revere.