All Politics Are Local; Except When They Aren’t


Rick Perry Sings Up A Storm

Governor Rick Perry, attired in his best-ever Johnny Cash impersonation threads, lauded the heroes of the Ft. Hood tragedy.  Less than four hours earlier President Obama attempted to quell anti-Muslim rage directed against the soldier who had fired several rounds, fragging his fellow soldiers, during their final medical checkup prior to deployment overseas.  Nidal Hasan’s rampage resulted in the deaths of at least 13 of his fellow soldiers, injuring 34 more – some very seriously – and his own paralyzing wounds from which he has yet to achieve consciousness.

Careful to avoid his earlier mistake of “over-selling” his position as he did in his recent termination of an investigation into his own misconduct with respect to his execution of Cameron Todd Willingham in 2004, Perry alluded to the “burning ring of fire” penetrated by civilian police Sergeant Kimberly “Mighty Mouse” Munley that heroically brought down Hasan, and how tightly all present “walked the line” of faith and patriotism to save more lives than might have otherwise been lost.

Simple mathematics suggests that Hasan did not fire all of the rounds that resulted in the 47 casualties at Fort Hood.  Even a magazine that sports an ungodly 20 rounds would require 5 reloads to account for all the 100 rounds reported to have been fired at the scene.  Since the entire incident took place in less than a minute, that is 1 person firing off two rounds every second for the entire 45 seconds of the live-fire portion of this incident.  One casualty a second.  Phenomenal shooting for anyone familiar with handguns and their use.

 Something is not adding up here in a big way.

 Hasan gave away all of his belongings prior to this incident; he knew something was coming up.  His deployment, scheduled for after Thanksgiving, gave him plenty of time to consider his actions.  Why did he choose November 5th (11/5)?  Why did the Bushes show up on Friday and ask that their visit be kept “secret”?  Why was their secret not kept (except by the servile mainstream media)? 

Why would a Muslim psychiatrist who was obviously not well regarded by his colleagues at Walter Reed for his anti-war position become a wiz with an expensive handgun?  I could understand a quiet suicide, but not this dramatic “Ali Akhbar” nonsense. 

 This whole incident screams of a smoke screen for something else, something much bigger.  The events were just too well choreographed and too neat to be entirely real.  Perhaps I, too, am suffering from disbelief. 

At this hour I have been informed that Hasan has been taken off the respirator at BAMC (Bam-cee), short for Brooke Army Medical Center, here in San Antonio.  He is either not long for this world, or he is waking up into a nightmare of unimaginable proportions for someone of his faith and his convictions.  Being paralyzed after having the will to live sucked out of you does not bode well for his chances for survival.

Being surrounded by some of the nurses I know who have worked at BAMC also does not bode well for his chances of survival.  Hey, sometimes, bedsores just happen to become infected….


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