Vincent Bugliosi Is NOT Looking Forward: Neither Should YOU!!


What Will You Tell Your Children?

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder  was a New York Times #1 bestseller not because Richard Mellon Scaife bought every available copy of the book before it even hit the shelves, but because Bugliosi is a compelling, passionate, prolific writer.

He is also a leviathan as a prosecutor with 99.1% conviction rate.  Just ask the Manson “family.”

Click the link above and watch the 9 minute trailer for Bugliosi’s upcoming movie.  It’s critical that we STOP allowing ourselves to be handed meaningless cliches in the face of criminal behavior on the part of those who hold, and have held, elected office.  It is part and parcel of OUR IDENTITY as American citizens to stand up against injustice for ourselves, our friends, our neighbors and, most importantly, for our children.

First they came for the idiots; but I wasn’t an idiot so I didn’t want to seem like I was “pro” retarded people.  Next, they came after the eldery, but I wasn’t old so I didn’t bother to be concerned.  Then, they came after the soldiers and while I was sad for our brave men and women, I was not a soldier.   Then they went for the poor and the helpless, but  I had enough money and was nowhere near helpless, so I sent more money to my favorite charities and forgot about it.

Finally, they came after me and since there was no one else left to complain, all was forgotten.

It’s a trivial exercise to look forward when no one can remember the past.  But forgetting the past condemns us to repeat it.  And repeat it.  And repeat it.


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