In Any Still Alive

Habits form like water
Twisting with the Earth
From North due South
From East due West
To downtown and up the walls
  Lifting us slowly out of our mind
Collecting like a sky full of stars
Twisting with the Ancient Spin
Aching for the embrace of the Moon
  The tide rises
Dinosaurs recall the drama
The last contraction
That sent us forward
Leaving them behind
And us to choke in their anger
Making all of it impossible to swallow
Mother Earth tilts and sways
Her skin stretching as she moans deep moans
Her back arched and drenched in sweat
Her nails digging ever deeper into the damp sheets
One billion voices shriek and cry
Two billion ears record a report
Or a whimper
  When the Flood calls

Write 3 to 5 lines for Global Climate Change and send to:


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