Let’s Help: Olbermann Needs Help Pushing Beck Over the Edge

clip image002

Time to fire up the mighty Wurlitzer and drive a huge wedge between Glenn Beck and his Mormon church. If the Mormon intelligentsia actually realized everything that Glenn Beck has said and continues to say, they would pull their support from him.

Keith Olbermann is behind this latest push and will provide more contact info on Tuesdays broadcast. He wants all their pelts — Stu Burguiere, and Roger Ailes included.

 As much as I hate to do this, I think it is time to demonstrate to the world just how depraved Rupert Murdoch actually is.  And we’re going to pick Glenn Beck up by his heels and beat Murdoch to do death with him to do it.  As George Carlin once suggested, “that way they’re both dead and it looks like a pedestrian accident.”  We’re talking political and media death here…if Beck offs himself on camera, so much the better.

 Here is where we need to start.

 I’ve met Professor Steven Jones in person and he is a good man.  He is also an LDS member in good standing.  There is absolutely nothing that Glenn Beck has in common with people like Steven Jones.  Nothing.  He is part of the rot in the LDS church that brought in Dick Cheney to speak at the BYU commencement after Professor Jones was forced to retire.  He is a part of the LDS church that has taken it over and is ruining what is left of it.  Like the Knights Templar did to the Catholic Church.

Let’s show the spectators in this country that Progressives will not lay down and let the neo-cons mop up the floor with us.  After Van Jones’ drubbing, we need a solid right uppercut to send these idiots back to their corner where they belong.


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