Barbershop Diaries, Volume I, Issue 15: GOP = FEAR

I'm All Out of Fear

I'm All Out of Fear

Something must have slipped my mind this past week at my barber’s place of business.  I must have forgotten what I went in there for.  It started out innocently enough: a few jokes and humorous asides, a mention about the burned popcorn last visit and the need to open the front door to let out the stifling odor of carbonized corn and let in the Texas heat.  But then the reality –  The Reality – of what we have quietly tolerated for more years than we choose recognize settled in and I could have pulled every last hair out of my head by its root in gigantic handfuls.

Cheney is using the Republicans again, and they are all too willing to be used as can be seen here.  That such a gallery of human waste continues to occupy seats in the United States Senate is insulting enough to the institution and to the country.  But that each of the halfwit signatories on this parchment of idiocy might actually believe the opinions expressed as facts therein speaks finally and convincingly as to their treason against the former United States of America.

Yes, gentle reader, I said, “former” United States of America.  I do not know this country I live in any longer, and I see the distance between the country we live in now and a country poised to relive the horrors of Nazi Germany to be paper thin.  As thin as the parchment on which our Bill of Rights were first handwritten some 221 years ago.

Yes, it is still entirely possible that in order to avoid prosecution at the hands of the United States, or The Hague, that rogue elements of our own intelligence and State Department apparatus will seek to detonate a nuclear device within the continental United States and blame this heinous act on someone, or something, “out there.”  It is indeed possible that the nuclear devices irresponsibly removed from Minot AFB and delivered to Barksdale AFB were intentionally mishandled or miscounted, sending at least one nuclear warhead to parts unknown.  To underscore the horror of such an act, and in an unprecedented move, the entire top level of the United States Air Force was removed in June, 2008, after it was discovered that the clandestine movement of these nuclear warheads was at the “request” of Vice President Richard Bruce Cheney.


The fascist automatons burrowed deep within the bowels of our government have frightened every last nerve fiber in my being and set it on edge.  But by now it has gotten to the point where We the People have nothing left to lose by daring these 24-carat-plated northern-end-of-southbound-horses to go head and make our day.  G’head, jackasses.  Do it.  But know whether you do it or not, we’re still coming after you.  You and your families will still be looking over your shoulders 100 years from now because we will not stop until every last scintilla of your DNA has been removed from the gene pool.  The only evidence of your presence on this planet will be a catalog of your crimes against humanity and precisely how such human rubbish could have ever come into being in the first place.

We will kill your cars, your houses, your wealth and everything material that has ever given you reason to go on living.  And then we will chain you inside the coldest, darkest prison we can find, where we will leave you to rot until you beg for your own death to come.  Then we will ensure that you go on living many years beyond what you thought you could withstand.

We do all of this in the memory of the Kennedy Brothers, their children, their grandchildren and every patriot who has ever spilled a drop of blood in defense of what was once these United States of America.  Most certainly, we do this in memory of Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler, the last patriot to ever put a finger into your “all seeing” eye.

Pleasant dreams, jackasses.  Maybe that spot on your shoulder will be dandruff, and maybe it will be the last glimmer of light you catch before your lives as “free” men and women comes to a bitter, painful, screeching halt. 


7 thoughts on “Barbershop Diaries, Volume I, Issue 15: GOP = FEAR

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  2. Nice rant. I also retain anger and resentment over the JFK hit. We loved our president back then,maybe it was because we were young and innocent.
    Michael Hoffman of Military Times broke the story about the “missing nukes” all 5 or 6 of them,Whos counting ! It was an airman that blew the whistle. Hoffman would not tell Me his name so his valiant act of patriotism will go unrecognized. And theres a million more just like him out there that will risk all to make a small contribution that will foil the plans of the satanic oligarchy. There is still hope. There are still honest and upright people that are all that remains of this once great nation.God loves the common man, thats why there are so many.

    • And they killed one or two of those airmen, too. If you’re interested, I think I have the names of those who died under “suspicious” circumstances, or can get them. You’re right, they shouldn’t go unrecognized.

      It could go a long way towards keeping the military in our corner when the wheels REALLY start coming off the wagon and the oligarchy has to deploy to save itself.

      Smedley Butler was the ONLY military man with the stones to go against MacArthur and Patton when they showed up to clear the Bonus Marchers out of DC in the Summer of 1932. Hoover hated Butler, if that’s any measure of the man’s character.

      Eisenhower was the only military man with the sense to oppose both MacArthur and Patton in their actions against the Bonus Marchers. I think everyone involved got what they deserved in the end. Everybody loved Ike, but he was ineffective and may have put JFK in danger by advising him on more than one occasion to fight against the criminal conspiracy that eventually took him out.

      Eisenhower didn’t want to believe what Truman had participated in putting into motion…he allowed Prescott Bush to “paperclip” enough Nazis into the country to allow them to, once again, wage war against the country that they all thought would have supported their “cause.”

      They started with crafting the “Cold War” and painting it as an international communist conspiracy. Gehlen and his ilk then went to work sending us on one wild goose chase after another.

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  4. I grew up with the nuke war fear, then the wall came down. sigh of relief, for a while.. then all the 1st gulf war machismo, and the present crap going on anywhere Ameika can stick its oar in. now you tell me they Lost? mispaced nukes??
    I am waaay past fear, too much for too long, now Like you,its sheer bloody rage, where the F? do this pack of gangrene assholes think they get off?
    I like the deep dark and cold suggestion, add roaches rats and slime please!

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