Sibel Edmonds Videotaped Deposition Available!

Whistleblower Whistles Loud and Rude

Whistleblower Whistles Loud and Rude

All 55 minutes of it in several flash files.

As you’ll recall, Sibel gave testimony to the power of the Turkish Lobby in Washington, DC, and its involvement in the shipment, with approval of US State Department Deputy Secretary of State Marc Grossman, of nuclear weapons to the nuclear black market.

Basic Link.

Flash file 1.

Flash file 2.

Flash file 3.

Flash file 4.

Flash file 5.


4 thoughts on “Sibel Edmonds Videotaped Deposition Available!

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  3. well, I finally listened to all five hours… this is definitely the kind of story that needs a book to explain – or a 3-part movie series. This is as intricate as it gets – at the highest levels and across the federal government.

    I will say this much: she is absolutely correct that we cannot allow these people who accepted these bribes to keep walking among us. They present an ongoing clear and present danger to our security as a nation.

    • Bullseye.

      We need to grow a pair as a nation and do what the Kennedy Brothers never had the stomach to do because they grew up around a father who DID.

      It is the only thing stupid lizard people understand: a 2 by 4 across the ears. Anything less and they think you’re playing.

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