Barbershop Diaries, Volume I, Issue 12: In Fitts About God

God and Gravity

God and Gravity

The theologization of our thinking in US society is fast becoming intolerable. Catherine Austin Fitts’ latest Youtube missive ends with a profound, “if we can’t face it, God can’t fix it.”
We’re going to wait for God to come fix us?
I appreciate the importance of communicating important information to all people and connecting with them where they live. A great many people do harbor some notion of a cloud being to whom they can surrender all worries, perhaps even all responsibilities, but we can no longer allow this circumstance to go unaddressed. Addressing our religious mania is a critical aspect of our present crises and a key component to the social inertia involved in getting people into the streets where they should have been two decades ago. If we are going to be relying in any way on a higher power to dictate our thinking and behavior to us, we need to become absolutely clear what it is we are talking about and how such a relationship serves a practical purpose.
Religion and spirituality are touchy subjects with people, and for good reason. Communities of shared values and rituals are how humans bridge the gap between throwing a bunch of ambiguous-sounding air at one another, and actually communicating shared meaning. Without the transfer of meaning from one person to another, human beings cannot relate to each other effectively, nor can we be expected to trust that the words leaving one person’s mouth can be taken at face, or generally accepted, value. I am reminded of the old 1950’s sci-fi B-movies that addressed this issue by positing that all aliens were assumed to be hostile. This assumption spoke more about the dominant social paradigm in place with respect to differences of opinion and values in 1950’s America than it did about an interaction with a genuinely extraterrestrial culture.
The dominant social paradigm in place in 2009 has swung even more radically towards complete mutual distrust and miscommunication than during the 1950’s. In the 1950’s, we witnessed the spectacle of a single US Senator, Joseph McCarthy, electrifying and galvanizing an entire country, filibustering it and holding it hostage, as the interpretative frame switched from concerns over Nazis and fascists in our midst, to complete paranoia over a growing monolithic communist threat. Today, in 2009, we are witness to all three branches of our once great nation being taken hostage by a monolithic threat from radical Muslim extremists who are characterized as magically able to use box cutters and prayers to bring down the security corridor of the entire northeastern United States. Not only must our limited human nervous systems accept this pabulum as fact, we also are expected to surrender, without question or critical investigation, to the notion that two modern 110-story buildings were able to fail and collapse into nearly their own footprints in less than 15 seconds without the use of prepositioned explosives. The lunacy that passes for acceptable fact in our mainstream media is mind numbing, crazy making and panic inducing. Not only can citizens no longer trust their elected officials and their government, they can no longer trust each other.
To suggest that all of this chaos and confusion occurred by accident strains credulity to the breaking point. The facts are that the United States is the only nation on the face of planet Earth that has ever exploded a nuclear device over a civilian population, the only nation to have both opposed and yet financed the Nazi war machine during WWII, the only nation responsible for the projection of the powerful financial tentacles of the Federal Reserve banking system into all but two autonomous States and the only nation left on the planet that relies on the threat of assassination to control the behavior of its key elected officials. To suggest that such a nation-state, through pure happenstance, fell into a condition of interpersonal panic and distrust without the approval and sanction of an overbearing, ruling cartel outside of public accountability is to believe in the reality of the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the possibility of the physical resurrection of dead human tissue.
In fact, it is has been precisely the work of organized religion to ensure that enough members of a nation’s citizenry believe in “magic” to allow for the control of key minorities of its population through intimidation and brute force. Intellectuals, the scientifically-minded, atheists, agnostics and geniuses are all held in check, politically and rhetorically, through the use of the belief in magic that organized religion provides, as well as the intimidation and brute force that the State provides through employing “true” religious believers within its law enforcement ranks.
So who is this “god” that organized religion claims to provide ordinary citizens access to, and is this god the same god Catherine Austin Fitts claims can’t fix what we choose to deny exists?
We can stop with the endless muttering and chanting about a God who is going to save us from ourselves right…about…now. To suggest that any God, or truth, of the ultimate variety cares whether we live or die is ridiculous. Truly, we are better off dead as far as ultimate reality is concerned since the existence of imperfection anywhere is a threat to the existence of a perfect God everywhere and at any time. Stop with the useless blathering on of “it’s a mystery” and “we can’t know what God is thinking,” and grow up. Are you hearing yourselves? Do you actually believe a God of ultimate reality would make Itself impossibly difficult to establish contact with? Only rocket scientists and priests could begin to grasp the immense holiness of the one true God? Have you completely lost your minds? Creation always knows Itself and could never be alien to Itself: no one puts an apple pie in the oven and expects a chicken to pop out in an hour … unless … they … are … completely … bonkers.
It is incredibly simple to know God. So simple, in fact, that we need not be concerned about it. If such a relationship with God was to exist, and I believe that it does, we couldn’t possibly put the nature of our relationship into words and successfully communicate it verbally because it is, by definition, non-conceptualizable. That means that if we could have created a method for communicating the knowledge of the existence of God, we would have done so by, say, twenty years ago. We’ve been at it for some time now, don’t you think? God is beyond words, in other words. No point in discussing it any further, in still more words. So shut up about it, already. Focus. At the bunny. This one is for keeps.
People of great wealth and power have systematically and cynically lied to us, as a civilization, for well over 2,000 years. Think that I am lying? Explain to me how an all too common story of the execution of a champion of the poor by champions of the rich and powerful was summarily distorted to become a tale of those dirty, nasty Jews? Who do you think could afford the printing presses and scribes necessary to spin these tales of so-called ultimate truth – do you think that in between dodging plagues, famines and bouts with undrinkable water, the poor were able to scrape together enough money to buy a publishing concern? Where in their King’s Keep would they have placed such a device?
The problem was not that the Jews killed Jesus, the problem was, is and always will be, that the rich kill the poor; the have’s murder the children of the have not’s; the powerful exploit the powerless. Insert the label for the ethnic identity of any group that challenges the authority of any other group and you have your answer. The “Jews” could have been the Egyptians. Or the Syrians. Or the Persians. All that was required to fill in that particular role was an ethnicity that was actually taking steps to improve its lot, not unlike what Black Americans are doing in the United States today. Notice how “friendly” and “receptive” white Americans have been to the rising star of Black America – now multiply this most recent slice of humanity times 2,000 years and you have your next designated scapegoat for the downfall of yet another empire. And add the queers at the end to keep the ancient storyline consistent.
I am so over laying the responsibility and accountability for the despotism and reptilian monophonic thought of human beings at the feet of the baby Jesus; either as an expression of “hopium” or as a request for clemency. Our biggest problem today is not justice – for it has become “just-us” in the blink of an eye – our problem, your’s and mine, is a problem of mercy.
How much longer are we going to pretend that the lives that these scoundrels are leaving us with will truly be worth living this time next year? Do you really want to live to see your grandchildren expire from hunger, disease and grinding poverty? Do ya’ really? What about your children? Do you like the idea of feeling them die in your arms while you’re standing in a bread line, dying of thirst? Do you like this worldview? I hope you do because it is coming to a city or town quite near to you every day you sit on your fat, corpulent ass and let the powers that be take from you what was once your birthrite.
Enough with the hopium! Enough with the God talk! The most powerful prayers available to us are our actions. Use them wisely. Organize yourselves, now, or be herded into cattle cars, subgroup by subgroup. Do not wait for a god on a white horse to come save your sorry behind; this is your clarion call.


5 thoughts on “Barbershop Diaries, Volume I, Issue 12: In Fitts About God

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  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Really.And I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Unfortunately, I don’t believe that the majority of people have the mental sophisication to understand it and that is what makes me so fuckin crazy.
    It’s as though we’re all speaking different languages, which, in a way we are.
    As soon as you touuch on the topic of “god” you awaken, in most, a foreign language. The language of religion. There are , in people’s minds, about a couple of hundred religions, all depending on their own interpetations of the rantings of their own personal saviour. It’s a virtual Babylon, trying to construct the world of their dreams, the tower to heaven but not having any idea what’s being said unless it fits into their saviour’s scheme of what’s to be. This is why when most read this post they’ll be climbing the walls at your blasphemous characterizations of jesus, god, jews, queers, whatever. You have more causes for distraction for the average person to send them charging your castle with torches.
    I’ve come to be afraid. For my children and yours, that these well intentioned, extremely misguided souls are going to pray our future a thousand years into the past.
    One of the best posts I’ve read. Excellent insight into the real human condition.

    • No point in being afraid. Fear makes us weaker, not stronger.

      Like I believe I said in my essay, religion is about forming a shorthand reference book of meanings to facilitate communication, human to human.

      The only time when interpersonal communication NEEDS to be snappy is in open warfare. The side with the best communication infrastructure makes the best use of its resources.

      Organized religion, or organized egoes, become effective, if lethal, projections of material power. But notice that it’s the MINDS that get organized, first. Then the ideas make manifest the physical reality through these brilliant machines we call, “human beings.”

      They can plan all these depraved mass-killings if they like…as soon as the Yellowstone Caldera blows its lid, 98% of us are dust, anyway.

      All that melted ice heading for the equator from both poles…that’s got to have some impact on the plates and the magma chambers that ride between them….

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