Barbershop Diaries, Volume I, Issue 9: Recycling for Dummies

Recycling in Germany: Then and Now

Recycling in Germany: Then and Now

“, you can throw things out.  But you can NEVER throw them away.”

— Steve Gordon, my fifth grade Science teacher

Mr. Gordon had it right back in 1971, but none of the Wall Street oligarchs had the benefit of Mr. Gordon’s wisdom.  Some, now in the Big Ag business in California, however, did.  They paid for their wisdom by having their processing systems spiked by Bush Administration lackies with salmonella, or having their undergirding economy wrecked by its closest confidantes.

According to this very readable and accessible interview with Professor Perry Mehrling, published in the Atlantic, Mr. Gordon’s principle of basic ecology works in credit default swaps as well as it works in dealing with trash.  Perhaps for the same reason.

We finished the fifth grade Science class by sending a batch of regular mail to Nixon’s Secretary of the Interior explaining why it was critically important not to build the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline.

I learned an important lesson about ecology that year, and an important one about citizenship…

…neither one is valued by fascists or proto-fascists.



6 thoughts on “Barbershop Diaries, Volume I, Issue 9: Recycling for Dummies

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    • White House Sorta, Kinda Thinkin’ ‘Bout Using TARP Money for Small Business Loans as Small Business Lenders Go Bust ‘

      Yea, god forbid they spend our tax dollars that they’ve stolen to help US out. They are thinkin’ about no such thing. If they are, it’s a fleeting thought that will quickly dissipate like smoke in the wind. They have done NOTHING for we the people. The bailout was a heist and the money went to offshore foreign banks. It’s gone.

  2. it’s all bulllshit.
    My credit card companies, out of the blue, lowered my limits, which threw me over the limit, for which there are penalties, which quickly acclerated my fees to take an ordinary payment of $90. to over $400.
    Now they want to “help” me,, make payments on my payments. I now pay nothing,, not a friggin cent. They call 50 times a day because they want to help me. I changed my number. If we all stop paying citibankcorpgroup,,GE money machine,,capital one,etc. what happens? I figure bar rack paid all of my bills for me and I need a break from these fuckin thieves. When I clear my head I may talk to one of the ,, maybe.

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