Barbershop Diaries, Volume I, Issue 7: Obama Puts His Foot Down

The Original Sole Brother

The Original Sole Brother

Free the Gaza 21.  Boycott Israel.  Cynthia McKinney and Naomi Klein are basically on the same page.  One is a Jewish female calling for all of us to boycott Israel, and the other is a black female calling on her black President to force Israel to release 21 kidnapped civilians from a prison in Ramla who were bringing a “Trojan horse” of humanitarian supplies to the people of Gaza. 
A quick peek-a-boo at Ramla reveals something interesting: a very large Muslim cemetery.  One wouldn’t ordinarily expect to find a large Muslim cemetery ten miles from the Israeli coastline, but there it is.  There’s also plenty of real estate devoted to the burying of just about everyone, according to religion, in Ramla.  One might be forced to conclude that the city is getting a tad grey around the temples, to say the least, and they would be correct.  Ramla has long been a strategically important city, dividing trade routes from Syria and Egypt, as well as serving as a gateway between Jerusalem and the Israeli coast.

A quick wiki of Ramla and a picture begins to develop of a strategically important town whose prison, in 1962, executed Adolf Eichmann.  For those of you who do not recall, it was Eichmann who accused the Jews of collaborating with the Nazis during the Holocaust to kill those Jews who considered the Zionist manifesto to be anti-Jew.  His testimony was roundly derided, but the Israeli government did spend a considerable amount of time and money covering up the truth of Eichmann’s claims.

Altogether a nice touch, this bringing of the Gaza 21 to Ramla Prison.  Something similar might be achieved if we were to bring Rahm Emmanuel to Sing-Sing for questioning on his Irgun and IDF loyalties while serving in US public office — the same prison where Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1953 for espionage against the interests of the United States.

I wonder, given Naomi’s public position on Israel this past week, if Ron Kalb of OEN would be half as quick to interview Ms. Klein a second time about the Gaza 21 issue as he was before he agreed to adopt the “dump the left” posture that has plagued progressive online publications for months now. 

In any case, the posture that the Obama Administration takes with respect to the Gaza 21 should put the final nail in the coffin of another fake-progressive, neo-liberal farce designed to paralyze the left wing of progressive America. 


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