Einstein Was Jesus

Einstein Was Jesus:  A Poem from the wilderness.


One thought on “Einstein Was Jesus

  1. Jefferson’s Jesus For The People
    Dr. Gerry Lower, April 23, 2009

    Richard Volaar at OpEd News had recently posted a rather prosaic essay entitled, “Einstein Was Jesus”. Now, before anyone gets their right wing undies in a bundle, we can actually try to understand where Volaar is coming from, a central point being that Volaar does know where he is coming from while conservative right wingers do not want to know where they are coming from.

    Volaar laments the fact that, for nearly two millennia, the people in the Roman world have been looking to the prophetic “end of times” and the “second coming” of Jesus.

    “And they looked everywhere, high and low, front to back…no Jesus” (1).

    “Without Jesus there could have been no Rapture, not yet. It could not be. But soon, they were certain, very soon, they shouted, and they could hardly wait for the joy that comes from the fear of knowing that you are right, absolutely right, when everyone around you thinks that you are wrong. Dead wrong. Completely wrong. Dying wrong was more than they could bear”.

    “But for a thousand years or more, we have been dying wrong, passing from this world to the next to leave behind a rotting, stinking heap, a brown and molding husk, for others to forebear” (1).

    “Is this right, I ask? Choose again, I say, and choose well and wisely”.

    Volaar ends his essay with a comment that may surprise many good Roman “christians”, in that he recommends that you “Accept Einstein as your personal lord and savior but once, and all will be well. For one day he shall return again in the gaze of the eyes of a fool and be heard, once more and exclaim: from the very small comes the mightiest of all truth”.

    Volaar’s conclusion is genius in Jefferson’s eyes. “Einstein was Jesus. Jesus was Jesus. You are Jesus, and so am I” (1).

    As a youth, my Norwegian grandmother used to inform me that there were two types of truth in this world, i.e., the “truth” and the “Gospel Truth,” one good for the day, the other good for eternity. Volaar is speaking here of a “Gospel Truth” and here is where Thomas Jefferson becomes so entirely relevant to the comprehension of Volaar as Jesus.

    Jefferson’s genius was in his discovery of the real human Jesus, the Jesus of the People, the Father of Human Rights, the Jesus that the Roman church has never known the least damned thing about (2).

    The last line in “Jefferson’s Bible” is from Matthew 23. “There laid they Jesus. And rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulcher, and departed” (3). No ascension, no resurrection. Jesus was dead and gone. He can only live now in the “heads and hearts” of the People, in the “Will of the People, substantially declared” (4).

    In making Jesus entirely human and unrelated to Rome’s perverted supernatural version, Jefferson did not denigrate the Christ, he exalted all of humankind to the level of the Christ. As a result, it is entirely legitimate to say that Jesus is in you and in me. Indeed, you must come to understand that Jefferson was the best friend that Jesus ever had.

    Indeed, we can now clearly recognize Jesus in Jefferson (2), Jesus in Franklin, Jesus in Madison, Priestly and Paine. We can see Jesus in Gandhi, who extended the nascent Christian view to embrace an ethical morality (2), in Abraham Lincoln who extended human rights to African Americans, in Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in John F. Kennedy, in Martin Luther King, in Barack Obama.

    We can see Jesus in Newton and Spinoza, in Einstein and in Bohr, in John Muir and Aldo Leopold (the Father of Wildlife Ecology, 4), and in Van Potter (the Father of Global Bioethics, 5).

    Jesus is in all people who have fought the “good fight” for human rights and democracy in this world. Or perhaps it is more correct to say that these people were in Jesus, which allowed Jesus to be in them.

    Here is where the Bush administration has mucked up America big time. How can conservative Republicans be so ignorant of American history? America was most certainly intended to be a Christian nation, birthed from nascent Christian human rights (2). America was never intended to be a Roman religious nation. That is why Jefferson and Franklin separated Church and State. Religion has nothing to do with nascent Christian human rights and everything to do with Roman despotism.

    It is true that anyone who has ever read the four Gospels for themselves, or read them in “The Jefferson Bible” (3), would know that the Roman version of Jesus is utter Catholic bullshit, something of a global human tragedy.

    Jesus did not emerge on this earth to be worshipped in prayer, he emerged on this earth bearing a human value system bottom-lined in human rights, a value system borne of Human Reason that, more than anything, shows the people how to be civilized and human. This cannot be accomplished in worship but only in emulation. It goes so much further.

    This is not complicated, people. If you want the Christ to return to earth, you are going to have to see people the way the Christ saw them, as being infinitely creative and capable of reaching Deity on Earth, and yet humanly fallible.

    Which is to say that everyone makes mistakes. Highly trained cardiovascular surgeons can plug patients into a heart-lung machine backwards and convert them into rutabagas. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone knows it … except conservative religious Republicans.

    Republicans see their world view as being religiously infallible, above the scrutiny and challenge provided by Jefferson and Franklin. We would all be better off if we employed a bit of common human sense and empathy in dealing with our transgressions, as opposed to Roman judgmentalism.

    How does the sin of corporate greed and corruption, to the point of sinking a major U.S. corporation, compare to the “sin” of a teen caught smoking marijuana?

    Jesus F*#king Christ, People, do you believe how mindless, how far from being human a good Roman Republican can be … no, has to be? It is just that the conservative Republican party is so god-damned anti-human rights, anti-Jesus, and anti-Jefferson, so entirely wrong while in the right.

    Do these Roman “christians” not even know that nascent Christianity is a rejection of both Judaism and Romanism? At the moment, nascent Christianity stands in rejection of Reaganism and neoconservatism. Not much has really changed in the world … not yet.

    Today, the true followers of the Roman world view allow themselves to believe utter mindless rot, in public, no less. None of this has anything to do with Jesus and Jefferson, and everything to do with Roman self-righteousness and belligerence.

    Jesus, the Father of Human Rights in this world, is not God. Jesus did, however, provide the People with the human path to Deity on Earth, deity in you and in me. It is the third millennium and time that we got with the nascent Christian program.


    1) Einstein Was Jesus
    by Richard Volaar, OpEdNews, April 22, 2009

    2) Jesus, Jefferson and American Human Rights
    Dr. Gerry Lower, Smirking Chimp, March 3, 2007

    3) The Jefferson Bible
    Thomas Jefferson, David McKay and Co., New York, 1976


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