Vincent Again

I shed my ear
Because I had two
And was hoping one of mine might assist
But as near as I recall
It wasn’t helpful at all
And sent you shrieking into morning’s mist.

If I were a mantis with ocular gifts
I’d shed one of mine because I had two
But mantid I’m not
Two eyes are my lot
And my third eye confuses me with you.

So pray now I must
You’ve left me in dust
And Fall is your season to feast
I made my selection
Through error of reflection
Confusing insect for holier beast.

Please don’t despair
I know you don’t care
For caring is not what you do
Using all of my art
I gave you my heart
Seeing me the whole time and not you.


At The Windfall

His name was Bob
But he was Iranian
Married to a beast
He claimed Transylvanian.

Her name was Kym
A cocktail waitress
She worked for Bob
Two Jews who were faithless.

They tussled and moaned
At Kym’s old abode
Kym still a virgin
Bob still a toad.

She kissed him quite often
But he never turned
For years this went on
And Kym never learned.

Things are what they are
People are who they seem
No matter how extensive
Your personal daydream.

The Shoebox

It smells of cedar and perfume
I see it every day
A shoebox in my closet
Filled with what I cannot say.

Addresses on some letters
Sent To Whom It May Concern
Digging deeper there’s one name
I remember, plain as day.

But the face, it just keeps fading
Tears are falling, dreams abrading
Tossed and swollen
I cast myself upon the kitchen floor.

Last I saw you, you were laughing
Smiling, gleaming, joking, gaffing
Nothing like the Hollow
That you have left behind.

So when I see you, if I do
Remind me when your love was true
And I’ll smile and recall
That someone like me
Was there, too.

In the Morning

Awakened by your most profound skin
I touch the dents so delicate
In their undulating roundness

Floating through time and space
On a cloud of bluest laurel
Your hips rise
And then fall
And then fall
Moaning soft and deep
Until a tullamore dew
From the eye of an angel
Trapped longingly in a Heaven’s embrace.

Scene From A Mall

Witness to some major crime
I plead my case
I fled the scene
I left no word
I ran like hell
Only to have circled back
As time would tell
As fate foresaw
As trumpets blared
At the shopping mall
To the scene I’d left before
To my heart that lay there, bleeding
To my shock that all my pleading
Laying twisted as I’d left it
Unreconciled and apopelectic…

..thus convicted I stood there, staring
Feeling shame for never caring
How it looked
When I said,
“I love you.”

At Your Divorce

A thousand times I plead my case
Mind as open as my hand
Only to watch it
Slide down my own pants
One more time
One last time
The Boredom
The Burden
Of a world not to your taste
Because it was always a fragrance
And a simple twist of your head
A turning of your cheek
Was more than you could bear.

The Light of Your Face

Tie me a knot inside the darkness, LoveDreamPrettyAshland
To make me feel the light of your face before me
To my loneliness I would sacrifice nothing
Because of your face I place in space removed.

Take me to the edge of Nothing, Dear
Sing to me the siren songs of bliss
In non-judgment stands my nakedness revealed
Palms outstretched to catch 
the lightning of your smile.

Perfection’s loss was but our gain
Tumbling asunder to thunder as we fall
Rising high from deep within the night
A dawn does break in shards the shadows on my wall.

Can I see you now, your mass retained
Floating effortless in lavender and in silk
A dream I fear draws ever near
As color from the morning sets your eyes ablaze.

For it is not my eyes that think, nor my mind that sees
That prophets trouble from a distant shore
But a mouth that moves and a tongue unleashed
Cutting heartbeats from their guilded cage, unmoved.

Remind me thrice, my Love, the reasons why
You cry out to me from Darkness’ edge
A cipher cloaked in simple dreams
Twice forgets the light and the face 
that moves him to the Dawn.